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Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Experts in Winter Park

We have been working in and around Winter Park for many years.  We are simply experts in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.  Although we perform residential work, and welcome those calls, commercial A/C and refrigeration work, in and around Winter Park and all parts of Central Florida, is truly the backbone of our business.

Marathon Air services both restaurants and most other types of businesses, tending to all of their commercial A/C and refrigeration needs.  We have provided almost exclusively commercial service from the very first day we opened our doors.

Commercial Air Conditioning Winter Park

Partial List of Representative Commercial Winter Park HVAC and Refrigeration Customers

Here are just a few of many of our satisfied, loyal, repeat commercial HVAC and refrigeration customers scattered about Winter Park and surrounding areas (please see a more complete sampling of all of our commercial A/C and refrigeration representative customers, for a better snap shot of our entire business):

  • Bosphorous Restaurant, Winter Park Restaurant, commercial A/C and Refrigeration Services
  • Mediterranean Deli, Winter Park Restaurant, Refrigeration Service
  • Peterbrooke Chocolates, Winter Park Store, Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Chef 1 Studios, Winter Park Catering Company, Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration
  • multiple office complexes, including professional offices of all varieties
  • …and many more over the years!

Creativity, Expertise, and Affordability

Winter Park commercial air conditioning and refrigeration work involves unique problems and sometimes requires creative solutions.  We have been there and often can provide cost-effective solutions.  Sometimes we refurbish metal pieces, for example, instead of requiring you to buy whole new pieces of equipment when small parts break.  We are also comfortable calling manufacturers of various companies (and know when this is appropriate and might help) to ask them what can or should be done with quirky equipment problems.  When you really need something new, our prices are very fair, and we take the job seriously.  Joints are welded properly.  Ductwork is configured the right way and connections are sealed well.  These are the things that you cannot see.  You can only see the price tag.  But, like anything else in life, there are ways to cut corners.  And we simply would never consider doing anything but the right thing.

We have strived to provide truly top-notch commercial service, always at affordable prices.  We treat each customer’s commercial equipment like it is our own.  Perhaps for these reasons, our customers really seem to value our service.  After one or two visits, most business owners quickly realize the value of adding us to their phone contact list.  Many call us like we are true and reliable friends, which is what we consider ourselves to be.  This leads to repeat, long-time, loyal customers.  And those types of relationships have led to many referrals, which have basically grown into a lengthy, impressive commercial customer list that still even surprises us!

We get all around Winter Park providing reliable service of all forms of commercial cooling equipment, from such brands as Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Ruud, True, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and hundreds more. We often provide commercial AC preventative maintenance in Winter Park, warranty HVAC Winter Park service, and similar types of Winter Park based AC and refrigeration services for businesses just like yours.

Marathon Air has been servicing many local Winter Park customers for their commercial air conditioning, ventiliation, refrigeration and ice-making needs for many years.  We are commercial AC and refrigeration experts.

Commercial Air Conditioning Winter ParkCommercial Specialty and Focus

Marathon Air provides high quality commercial refrigeration and air conditioning repair to all types of Winter Park area businesses.  This includes stores, all types of restaurants, convenience stores, office complexes, professional offices, gas stations, hospitals, and churches.  We have serviced businesses as large as NASA, SouthWest Airlines, and Disney.  We are true specialists in commercial HVACR, servicing all parts of Winter Park.  Sometimes our tailor-made commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions require creative solutions.  Our experience gives us the ability to think outside of the box.

Shop Around, Please

Unlike many other HVAC companies, we have a laser focus on commercial refrigeration and air conditioning work.  We apologize if it sounds like we are jumping up and down.  We encourage you to take a look at other AC company websites.  Look at their photos and customer lists (if provided; if not, you have to wonder, why not?).  Read their work descriptions and even advice.  If they tell you have to change your home filter, but don’t mention your ice machine, that should give you some clue.  At Marathon Air, from our first day in business, we have performed more than 90% commercial work.  We are comfortable in businesses, on commercial rooftops, and inside commercial ceiling tiles.  That’s where we live, pretty much.  For us, commercial repair and service an afterthought flowing from primarily residential work.  Before you hire any commercial contractor, you really should ask them: what percentage of your business is commercial?  And ask follow-up questions like: who are your typical customers? Around here, our concentrated commercial work has turned into years of useful experience.  We pass those hard-earned benefits along to our commercial customers every single day.

What Makes Us Different?

Since we are so focused on the commercial side of this business, we can be very creative when solving difficult problems.  This approach is the result of years of working with businesses just like yours.  Most of the time, we have “been there, done that,” again and again.  We can often provide very budget-friendly and tailor-made solutions.  Just to give you one of many examples, we might suggest that you have metal parts fabricated.  Or replace door hinges from older equipment, at least until new parts arrive.  These simple solutions can be a lot cheaper and quicker, when appropriate, than investing in new commercial equipment.  Individual components can cost a lot less.  Or we might call brand manufacturers and ask for their engineers to tell us what we need to do.  We know when this type of phone call might save you a lot of time ro money.  On the other hand, when replacement is the best option, we will give you sound advice about your repair or replace decision.

Commercial Refrigeration Winter ParkUnflenching Work Ethic = Quality Workmanship

If you need to purchase new AC or refrigeration equipment in Winter Park, we offer affordable and fair prices.  We also take a lot of pride in providing the quality workmanship.  We really care about doing exceptional work.  Well, what does that mean?  You might not see these things, but when we start the welding machine, we don’t stop until each and every system connection is as solid as a rock.  When remodeling old systems, we think about your customers and employees, and things like door and window placement, sunlight angles, restaurant hood functioning, and many other aspects of cooling properly.  Then we think about your supply and return air vents, how many you need, and where they should be placed.  Plus we review your ductwork design and age, and give you our opinion regarding the optimal solutions.  We also tighten each screw, and seall all joints, with the highest level of care.  Our workmanship pride stays with us wherever we go.

Winter Park Commercial ACYou Cannot See Good Welding Work

This is really too bad.  The unfortunate reality is that the most important aspects of quality air conditioning and refrigeration work are invisible.  You are trusting any company you hire to do their best and have the skill needed to get the job done right.  Just like many other “invisible” trades, like plumbers and electricians, the most you can compare are prices and (maybe) stated specs.  And those are very hard to evaluate because you apples and oranges are the name of the game.  There are so many different parts and brands, particularly in the commercial arena.  Even the same equipment manufacturers offer a very wide variety of systems that are totally different when it come to both quality and price.  Each company basically has an entire thick book of products for sale.  So how can you possibly compare the MR500SEER13 and the TR700SEER17?   Since you cannot see most of our work, the reality is that there are plenty of invisible ways to cut critical corners.  We do not work that way.  We are a prideful company.  Our company philosophy has always been that, over time, our valued customers will know and feel the difference in our quality workmanship.

IIce Machine Repair Winter Parkn Our Eyes, We Are No Different Than Your Employees or Partners

From our first day in business, we have always strived to provide the highest quality repair, sales and installation work.  We also have fair and affordable prices.  We understand that all businesses have limited funds, while at the same time these jobs are often critical.  We think our true dedication to providing quality, affordable work is why when our phone rings, a returning customer is usually on the other end of the line.  Many times we hear “thank you,” and genuine expressions of gratitude.  We never takes these compliments for granted.  This has created a position of trust that we strive to keep earning every single day.  When they realize we are true repair experts, new customers will often add us to their phone contacts.  So we genuinely consider  ourselves reliable and trustworthy business partners for many of our customers.  We consider ourselves similar to their own employees–with a similar responsibility–and that’s how we operate.    This core philosophy has created many prized relationships with loyal commercial customers.  Our many solid business connections have grown into all sorts of referrals.  As a matter of fact, our list on this website of representative customers was generated over many with virtually no advertising. We don’t know if that’s normal these days.  But when we created and read the list when making this website, we even surprised ourselves!

HVACR Service Highlights

Marathon Air can help your Winter Park business or facility today by providing:

  • Rapid Commercial A/C Service in Winter Park

You can count on rapid commercial service in all areas of Winter Park. If you have air conditioning or refrigeration issues, or need an estimate for a new or replacement system, you can count on the convenience of our fast, on-time response.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ice-Making Repair and Replacement Experts

With all maintenance and installation of all HVACR systems – Marathon Air services multiples makes and models of most well-known industry brands throughout Winter Park.

  • Well-Stocked Trucks

Marathon Air stocks typical replacements parts on trucks, for faster service on routine repairs.

  • Free Estimates for New Commercial HVAC Systems

Call to arrange a free estimate for your new or replacement air conditioning, refrigeration or ice-making system including cooling towers, air handling units, freezers and chillers.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Experts

Marathon Air specializes in Commercial A/C and refrigeration work.  With priority service for commercial and institutional clients, Marathon Air provides reliable, timely commercial service when you need us.

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs

Marathon Air can offer a customized preventative maintenance plans to meet your on-going needs.  This will help keep your system’s running smoothly and avoid business interruptions.

  • Energy Efficiency Cost Savings

Marathon Air can guide you through the potential energy efficiency cost savings from a new or upgraded A/C system.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Marathon Air is fully licensed and insured.

  • Commercial Cooler and Freezer Repair Experts

Experts with the planning, installation and maintenance of all sorts of coolers and freezers, from display to walk-in.

  • Indoor Air Quality

Marathon Air can provide and install various parts that will improve the quality of the air you breathe.

  • Ventilation

Marathon Air can help with your ventilation needs, including rooftop systems and hood exhaust systems.

  • Ice Machine Repair Experts

Marathon Air specializes in ice machine repair in Winter Park.  This includes repair and replacement of most well-known ice making machines.

For all your commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and ice making needs in Winter Park, call and speak with experts at Marathon Air at

(407) 877-2006

Commercial Refrigeration Winter Park



$25 Off Service Call

$25 Off Your Next Service Call.  Redeem by Circling (Following) Marathon Air On Google +.  Then just call (407) 877-2006 to schedule your next appointment.  Make sure to mention that you circled us when you call!  

Another benefit of following us is that we publish meaningful blog entries on Google Plus, which may help you avoid costly mistakes with your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.