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Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Experts in Winter Garden

We are commercial refrigeration and air conditioning experts.  We are based in Winter Garden, but we travel all over Orlando and beyond.

Marathon Air has been around for a while, even though you may not have heard of us. For many years, we were driving around in unmarked vans, just doing our jobs.

Winter Garden Commercial Air Conditioner

Winter Garden Partial Customer List

Some of your Winter Garden business neighbors have probably hired us.  Although we have surely forgotten more than we can remember, below is a representative sample of the types of Winter Garden businesses who have hired us. Many of these are repeat, long-time, loyal Winter Garden HVAC or refrigeration customers, which we have serviced for many years.  Many of them keep us on their speed dial whenever any problem arises.

  • Winter Garden Diner, located on Plant Street in Winter Garden
  • The Bavarian Haus, located in Winter Garden near Publix on Highway 50
  • Heller Brothers, practically part of Winter Garden’s citrus history
  • Antica Development, luxury residential contractors
  • Raceway Gas Station, on Highway 50
  • Tasquitos Jaliscos, on Highway 50
  • Gill Group, Winter Garden contractors who build restaurants
  • Homes Masonry, local masonry contractor
  • Winter Garden Chevron, on Highway 50
  • many small office buildings, doctors, dentists, real estate and other professional offices
  • Guacamoles, Mexican Restaurant on Highway 50
  • many many satisfied Winter Garden residential customers
  • and many more.

The great news, if you are located in Winter Garden or nearby, is that we can often more easily provide same day AC or commercial refrigeration service (not always but this is sometimes easier if you are located in Winter Garden).

Winter Garden Commercial HVAC

Where We Work

We get all around the Winter Garden area.  Many of our Winter Garden commercial AC and refrigeration customers have been calling us for years.

We repair, replace, and install pretty much all forms of commercial cooling equipment.  We service most well-known brands such as Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Ruud, True, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and hundreds more. We also perform commercial HVAC preventative maintenance in Winter Garden, warranty AC work, and similar types of refrigeration and air conditioning services for other Winter Garden businesses just like yours.

Winter Garden Commercial HVAC

Our History: We Live, Work and Play in Winter Garden

“A charming little city with a juicy past.”

Winter Garden is our home.  We love living, working and playing here.  And we take a LOT of pride in this small community.  We feel there is a sort of kinship among local business owners because we all care about the Winter Garden community. As a matter of fact, the owners are former marathon runners, who trained daily, and for many years, on the West Orange Trail in Winter Garden.  We still run and bike on the West Orange Trail daily.  We just love this place!!  We consider ourselves truly blessed to be here.  The owner’s wife has lived here since she was a toddler, attending Winter Garden Elementary through Lakeview Junior High and finally West Orange High and Florida State University.  And the owner himself relocated to Winter Garden from Mount Dora more than 10 years ago.  We also have a marathon running history, where we trained for many years in Winter Garden.  This is how we came up with the name of our business, and our company logo (a running polar bear) way back when. So providing reliable commercial air conditioning and refrigeration services in Winter Garden is near and dear to our hearts.  And we are just around the corner for folks in this small city.

Our Foundation: Referrals With Little Advertising

We have been operating from Winter Garden for many years.  We are highly focused on commercial refrigeration and A/C. We are experts in this area.  And we strongly believe that makes us unique in this industry.  Although we want residential work, Winter Garden and Central Florida commercial air conditioning and refrigeration is truly the core of our business.

The owner began his refrigeration related work more than two decades of experience as a restaurant manager and owner, based in nearby Apopka, where he focused on refrigeration needs and solutions.  At the same time, he sold restaurant equipment from a small Apopka storefront and coordinated ground-up entire restaurant refrigeration and HVAC installations.  This quickly evolved into doing this type of work for all types of area businesses, not just restaurants.  He added the trade of commercial air conditioning, which nicely supplemented his existing knowledge about refrigeration, about 8 years ago.  Around that same time, he opted to turn the storefront over to family members and branch into commercial air conditioning and refrigeration service on his own.

Commercial Air Conditioner Winter GardenCommercial Specialty and Focus

Marathon Air now provides exceptional commercial A/C and refrigeration repair to all types of Winter Garden area businesses, including stores, shops, strip malls, restaurants, churches, hospitals, and even much larger businesses outside Winter Garden like NASA, SouthWest Airlines, and Disney.  We are an all-inclusive Winter Garden repair service, offering sometimes innovation commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions.  Unlike many other HVAC businesses, we specialize in commercial A/C and refrigeration work.  You can make this comparison yourself by comparing photos and descriptions on AC company websites.  In our case, from the first day we opened our doors, we have performed almost 90% commercial work.  That’s just where we feel comfortable.  For Marathon Air, commercial service and repair was never a spin-off from a primarily residential service.  You can compare our website to other AC company websites and reach this conclusion for yourself.  Many are either primarily focused on residential work, or at least have a very divided focus.  Targeted commercial work brings valuable experience, so we have that distinction going for us.

Affordability, Creativity and Expertise

Commercial refrigeration and AC sometimes demands creativity to solve what can be head-scratching problems.  Creativity tends to spring from familiarity.  We have simply “been there, done that,” in most cases.  So with commercial equipment often provide very cost-effective and ingenious solutions.  For example, sometimes we remake doors, or have metal parts fabricated, rather than suggesting that you buy new equipment when relatively inexpensive individual parts break.  Sometimes we get on the phone with well-known manufacturers.  We know when they might be able to help find a more budget-friendly solution.  This isn’t always true because sometimes you just need a new system, but we can help you with the repair or replace decision.

Solid Work Product Flows From Solid Work EthicCommercial Refrigeration Winter Garden

If you need to purchase new commercial refrigeration or air conditioning systems in Winter Garden, our prices are always fair and affordable.  We also take a lot of pride in quality workmanship.  When we start welding, we don’t drop the torch until the job is finished, on each and every line.  We think about your business, including ingress and egress, customer and employee flow, and placement of doors and windows.  How will those affect your comfort?  Then we calculate loads, think about proper ductwork configuration, and talk to you about the number and type of return and supply air vents need.  Plus we seal each and every system bonding joint very carefully.  Proper cooling requires these efforts.

Properly Welded Joints Are Invisible

Unfortunately for good guys like us, and our customers, you cannot see these aspects of a quality HVAC work.  In the air conditioning trade, similar to many other “invisible” trades, like electricians and plumbers, unfortunately you can only really compare prices.  And even those are often deceiving because you can’t compare apples to apples in due to differing parts and brands, and even different levels of systems offered by the same manufacturers.  However, like most things construction and repair related, there are lots of invisible ways to cut critical corners.  We cut no corners and keep our prices very fair and reasonable.  We like to think that we strike the perfect balance in that way.

Think of Us Like One of Your Business Partners

From day one, we have done everything within our power to provide the highest quality commercial AC and refrigeration service, repair and installation work.  Plus our prices are always fair and reasonable.  We know that every job is important.  We think that is the reason most of our calls every single day come from regular customers, many of whom we have known for years.  And they often thank us for caring about them and really solving their problems.  More than one time we have been told “we don’t want to lose you guys.”  We consider those compliments and thanks absolute treasures.  New customers often quickly realize that they will be calling us again, so add us to their phone contacts.  We consider ourselves their reliable and honest business allies, not much different than their own employees, and we operate accordingly.  This leads to longstanding relationships with reguar customers.  And solid, positive business relationships have led to countless referrals.  As a matter of fact, our list of representative customers was generated almost entirely without any advertising. When we read the list, we still even surprise ourselves!

Winter Garden Commercial RefrigerationRefrigeration and HVAC Brands Serviced and/or Sold in Winter Garden

Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Carrier, True, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Master-Bilt, and hundreds more.

Equipment We Repair, Install and Sell in Winter Garden

Commercial a/c equipment, all makes and models, walk-In and display freezers and coolers, ice machines, and basically anything that cools anything in your Winter Garden shop, office, or restaurant.  Also, we perform warranty work for numerous well-known brands throughout the Winter Garden and Central Florida area.

Helpful Cooling Tips for Winter Garden Businesses

Do you need AC or refrigeration services on a really hot day, when are probably busy, so you may have to wait a few hours or even days longer than you would like before we can get to you? We are terribly sorry for ever making you wait.  We know having problems with commercial AC or cooling systems is very worrisome.  So we try mightily to reduce your wait time. We are fully aware that your customers may be frustrated from discomfort or you may be losing food products when your equipment malfunctions.  So we always–always–prioritize these types of emergency calls.  However, although we can’t move fast enough to suit ourselves when it is hot, we have not yet invented a cost-effective system for serving all of our customers at the same time. Our wait times are about as minimal as you will find anywhere around Winter Garden for this type of high quality commercial HVACR service. But we have a few suggestions to minimize your discomfort during any waiting periods:

  • Although involving an initial investment, you might want to consider purchasing back-up pieces of your most needed cooling equipment.
  • Close your display and walk-in cooler doors when not using them.  Enforce this habit with your employees, too.
  • Sounds simple, but always remember that you can buy ice. Obviously, this will temporarily solve ice machine malfunctioning problems.  But you can also use either ice or dry ice (as much as you can stuff into your units) to reduce the temperature in your freezer or cooler until we arrive.
  • Change your filters and keep your equipment coils cleaned.  This is simply a business must, and will greatly improve the energy efficiency of your systems, plus this will help avoid more costly equipment malfunctions.  For your peace of mind, we recommend our preventive maintenance contracts.
  • As an air conditioning back up plan, you could purchase a portable air conditioner for use in your business, in a hot pinch.
  • In Winter Garden, if you are near the fountain, heck, go jump in!
Winter Garden Commercial AC


WE GO THE EXTRA MILE in Winter Garden


$25 Off Service Call

$25 Off Your Next Service Call.  Redeem by Circling (Following) Marathon Air On Google +.  Then just call (407) 877-2006 to schedule your next appointment.  Make sure to mention that you circled us when you call!  

Another benefit of following us is that we publish meaningful blog entries on Google Plus, which may help you avoid costly mistakes with your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.