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Cleaning Condenser Coils after A/C preventative maintenanceClean Your Air Conditioning Condenser Coils During Bi-Annual A/C Preventive Maintenance

Summer is upon us.  It is May first and, in Florida, that signals the beginning of 6 months of hot, hot, hot.  The ground hog and his shadow means something to people up north, as far as how much winter is left. But in Florida, when the Gator comes out of his hole, it means May, June, July, August, September and October will be hot and humid.  Your air conditioner will be worked like a monkey on a hot tin roof (don’t ask me what that means).  But let me just say that you should have your air conditioner maintained or given an a/c preventive maintenance checkup or annual tune-up or whatever else you want to call the process of checking and cleaning your expensive equipment, some of which sits outdoors in the elements day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Condenser Coil Cleaning Not Part of Most Standard Preventative Maintenance Agreements or Tune-Ups

One critical aspect of maintenance that helps a lot with extending the useful life of your air conditioner, as part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan, is cleaning the condenser coil.  This is above and beyond your typical a/c preventative maintenance “14 point” or even “24″ point check ups, or whatever numbers other air conditioning companies might dream up in their marketing efforts.  Basically this isn’t usually included in standard (that is, the cheapest) preventative maintenance agreements you might find from most air conditioning service companies.  But cleaning your air conditioning coils is important and should be done regularly.

Where You Can Find the Condenser Coil, Which Most Likely Is Dirty

The condenser coil is located inside the condensing unit.  If you have a spit system, the condensing unit is the outdoor part of your system.  If you have a package or rooftop system, then the condensing unit is only part of the outdoor unit.  All right now, be honest, have I put you to sleep yet?  My guess is that no one in the whole wide web or world is going to read this anyway.  Seriously, this is an a/c website.  But let’s just say you are still here reading.  And lets also say that the thing outside with the fan is the condenser coil (the thing with the accordian looking metal fins).  Well that piece of metal needs to stay clean, which means that you must sometimes clean it.  Dust and dirt will accumulate on the coils and between the fins over time.  The coil may even look clean but, unless you had it cleaned in the last few months, there is a high probability that it is not clean.

You Can Clean The Condenser Coil Yourself, If You Really Want to Get Dirty

If you want to clean it yourself, you can (warning: it’s a dirty, messy, not fun job).  Just take the fan motor and fan blade off the unit.  Make sure the power is off.  Disclaimer: if you did not know that you should turn the power off, do not do this job.  In that case, you should call a professional company that provides air conditioning preventative maintenance services.  So, anyway, remove the fan and get a garden hose.  Spray water from the inside of the shell to the outside of the unit.  You will see a lot of dirt running out with the water.  They make professional cleaning solutions that help get the dirt off.  Personally, I prefer just using water.  I am usually concerned that all the chemicals will not come completely off and possibly eat at the fins later. And I can get coils really clean using only water.  If you do this yourself, make sure you spray the water straight at the coil, rather than from the side, or you will damage the fins.  Damaging the fins is easy to do because they get bent with the slightest amount of improper pressure.

Cleaning Your A/C Condenser Coils is Important and Will Save You $$ in the Long Run

Cleaning the coils will save you money by making the air conditioner, whether it is commercial or residential, more efficient because a clean coil will eject heat (which is ultimately the job of any air conditioner) much better than a dirty coil.  A clean condenser coil will also help your fan motor work in a cooler environment, and lower your head pressure, thereby allowing your compressor to run cooler.  A cooler running compressor lasts longer.

Our Prices for Cleaning Air Conditioner Condenser Coils on Outdoor Units

Cleaning the condenser coils, as part of bi-annual preventative maintenance, is something everyone should do for their air conditioning unit at least twice per year.  If you want Marathon Air to clean your coils, carefully and professionally, just give us a call.  Our prices for cleaning outdoor air conditioning condenser coils range from $150 to $240 dollars per unit, which includes the cleaning only (preventative maintenance and inspection involves additional work and therefore charges).


$25 Off Service Call

$25 Off Your Next Service Call.  Redeem by Circling (Following) Marathon Air On Google +.  Then just call (407) 877-2006 to schedule your next appointment.  Make sure to mention that you circled us when you call!  

Another benefit of following us is that we publish meaningful blog entries on Google Plus, which may help you avoid costly mistakes with your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

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