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Orlando Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Experts

We have been providing Orlando air conditioning service for many years.  We are technical and commercial experts in both refrigeration and Orlando HVAC.  Most of our customers are other Orlando businesses.  Although we perform residential work, and welcome those calls, Orlando air conditioning work of the commercial variety is truly the backbone of our business.

Commercial Air Conditioning Orlando

Partial List of Representative Orlando Air Conditioning Customers

Just a few of many of our satisfied, loyal, repeat Orlando HVAC contracting customers located throughout Orlando and surrounding areas:

  • Long John Silvers, multiple locations including Orlando–Extensive Refrigeration and Orlando A/C Services
  • Orlando Heart Specialists, multiple locations–Orlando Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement
  • Strip Malls and Office Complexes, Dr. Phillips area
  • Sunoco Gas Stations–HVAC and Refrigeration Services in Orlando
  • Longhorn Steakhouses, multiple locations–Orlando Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair and Sales
  • Royal Thai Restaurant–Orlando HVAC and Refrigeration
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs, multiple Orlando locations, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Cheng’s Chinese Restaurant, Orlando restaurant, Refrigeration and HVAC
  • Philly Connection, multiple Orlando locations, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Harbco Contractors, large Orlando contractor, multiple Refrigeration jobs bid and completed
  • Anwal Indian Restaurant, Orlando restaurant, multiple Refrigeration and Commercial AC jobs
  • Saffron Restaurant, Dr. Phillips restaurant, Refrigeration and HVAC work
  • McWell’s Bar, Orlando bar and grill, AC service and repair
  • Orlando Reperatory Theatre, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Brooks Brothers Gator Farm, alligator meat farm, HVAC and Refrigeration repair and replacements.
  • Dunkin Doughnuts
  • Many many homeowners needing air conditioning repair or replacement
  • . . . and many more commercial customers!  How can we possibly remember them all after all of these years?!

Our History and Evolution

The owner began his career working in restaurant ownership and management, serving restaurants all over Orlando.  This eventually led to restaurant equipment sales and installation, which morphed into providing both Orlando air conditioning and refrigeration services to businesses throughout Central Florida.

Today, Marathon Air services restaurants and many other types of businesses, tending to all of their commercial Orlando A/C and refrigeration needs.  Unlike many of our competitors, we have provided almost exclusively commercial service from the very first day we opened our doors.  For us, commercial work is not and has never been a minor adjunct to a primarily residential service.  To the contrary, commercial work comprises 90+% of our business.

Commercial Air Conditioner OrlandoCreativity, Expertise, and Affordability With Orlando Air Conditioning

Orlando commercial air conditioning and refrigeration work involves unique problems, which sometimes require creative solutions.  We have been there and often can provide cost-effective solutions when others cannot.  Sometimes we refurbish metal pieces, for example, instead of requiring you to buy whole new pieces of equipment when small parts break.  We are also comfortable calling manufacturers of various companies (and know when this is appropriate and might help) to ask them what can or should be done with quirky equipment problems.  When you really need something new, our prices are very fair, and we take the job seriously.  Joints are welded properly.  Ductwork is configured the right way and connections are sealed well.  These are the things that you cannot see.  You can only see the price tag.  But, like anything else in life, there are ways to cut corners.  And we simply would never consider doing anything but the right thing.

We have strived to provide truly top-notch commercial Orlando air conditioning service, always at affordable prices.  We treat each customer’s commercial equipment like it is our own.  Perhaps for these reasons, our customers truly value our service.  After one or two visits, most business owners quickly realize the value of adding us to their phone contact list.  Many call us like we are true and reliable friends, which is what we consider ourselves to be.  And those types of relationships have led to many referrals, which have basically grown into a lengthy, impressive commercial customer list that still even surprises us!

We get all around Orlando providing reliable Orlando air conditioning service of all forms of commercial cooling equipment, from such brands as Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Ruud, True, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and hundreds more. We often provide commercial AC preventative maitenance in Orlando, warranty HVAC Orlando service, and similar types of Orlando based AC and refrigeration services for businesses just like yours.

Ice Machine Repair OrlandoCommercial Specialty and Focus

Marathon Air provides exceptional commercial Orlando A/C and refrigeration repair to all types of Orlando area businesses, including convenience stores, gas stations, all types of restaurants, strip malls, office complexes, churches, hospitals, and even much larger businesses just outside Orlando like NASA, SouthWest Airlines, Disney and Epcot.  We offer tailor-made commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, which sometimes require ingenuinity.

Comparison Shopping

We have a sharp focus on commercial Orlando air conditioning and refrigeration work.  If you are a business owner, you should seek commercial expertise for your HVACR work.  Just look at other websites, particularly photos and descriptions of work, but also even the type of advice.  Are they telling you how to change your home filter?  If so, you can bet that’s where they usually work and feel most comfortable.  With Marathon Air, from day one, we have performed nearly 90% commercial work.  That’s where our comfort zone lies.  For us, commercial service and repair has never been a secondary spin-off from a primarily residential service.  Our concentrated commercial work has given us many years of useful experience.  We can pass along those hard-earned benefits to you.

A Unique Problem-Solving Approach

Our commercial focus sometimes requires creativity to solve what can be truly perplexing problems to the untrained eye.  Our creativity has grown from years of relevant experience.  We have truly “been there, done that,” most of the time.  With commercial Orlando AC and refrigeration equipment, we can often provide very cost-effective and unique solutions.  As an example, we might suggest that you remake doors, replace hinges, or fabricate metal parts.  This can be a lot cheaper, sometimes, than buying new commercial equipment when comparatively inexpensive individual components break.  Sometimes we make calls to brand manufacturers.  We have a very good idea of when they might be able to help find the most cost-effective remedy.  However, sometimes the best choice is to purchase a new system.  In those cases, we can help with your repair or replace decision.

Solid Work Ethic = Solid Work ProductCommercial HVAC Orlando

If you are in the market to purchase new  air conditioning equipment in the Orlando area, our prices are reasonable and fair.  We also take a significant amount of pride in providing high quality workmanship.  When we light up a welding torch, we don’t consider the job complete until the connection is rock solid.  When reconfiguring replacement systems, we think about how your business operates, including things like window and door placement, hood functioning, sunlight intrusion, and lots of other things that will impact temperature regulation.  We think: how will those affect the operation of your system?  We also think about ductwork design, and give you our opinion the type and number supply and return air vents needed.  We also seal each and every joint with the utmost care.  Our pride demands nothing less.

Commercial Refrigeration OrlandoA Proper Welding Job in Your Orlando Air Conditioner is Invisible

Unfortunately for our potential customers, you will never see the most important aspects of quality Orlando air conditioning work.  In the HVAC business, similar to many other “invisible” trades, like plumbers and electricians, you can only compare the price tags and (maybe) stated specs.  But those are hard to figure because you can’t compare apples to apples.  There are countless different parts and brands, particularly in the commercial arena.  Even the same manufacturers offer systems that are worlds apart in terms of quality and price.  Each manufacturer has a book-sized list of equipment for sale, so how do you compare the XR500SEER13 and the ER700SEER17?   Plus, like most things repair and construction related, there are plenty of invisible ways to cut important corners.  We would never consider that approach.  Over the long haul, our company philosophy has always been that our customers will know and feel the difference in quality workmanship.

We Want To Be Your Business Partner

When we first opened our doors, our goal has been providing very high quality commercial Orlando air conditioning and refrigeration service, repair and installation work.  Plus our prices are affordable and fair.  We know that everyone has a budget and every job is critical to each of our customers.  We think our passion for quality work is the reason that most of our calls come from returning customers.  We hear a lot of “thanks” and strong expressions of gratitude, for which we are grateful, and never take for granted.  New customers often add us to their phone contacts right away–soon after they realize that we are true repair experts–which those who have been around for a while know are not easy to find.  We consider ourselves the reliable business allies of our customers.  We do not consider ourselves much different from their own employees, and we operate in that fashion.  This has led to many valued relationships with longtime commercial customers.  These solid business connections have, in turn, led to countless referrals.  Our list of representative commercial A/C and refrigeration customers was generated over many years with almost no advertising. How often does that happen these days?  We don’t really know, but when we put together and read the list to make this website, we even surprised ourselves!

Orlando Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Brands Serviced and/or Sold

Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Carrier, True, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Master-Bilt, and hundreds more.

Types of Orlando Air Conditioning Equipment We Service and Sell

Commercial HVAC equipment, including rooftop and indoor units, display and walk-In coolers and freezers, ice machines, commercial hoods, and basically anything that reduces temperatures, creates ice, or ventilates anything in your Orlando business.

We also provide warranty work for numerous HVAC and refrigeration brands all over Orlando.

Quick AC and Refrigeration Tips for Orlando Businesses

If you need affordable refrigeration or AC services in the middle of the summer, we are keenly aware that losing your commercial air conditioning or refrigeration systems can cause the highest levels of stress.  For that reason, we make every effort to minimize your wait time as much as humanly possible. We fully understand that you may be losing product or even customers if your business or equipment is too hot. This means we are always rushing to see you and absolutely prioritize emergency calls.  In the meantime, we have a few simple suggestions, which we hope will minimize any business interruption issues before we arrive:

  • We recommend that all of our customers purchase and install redundant systems for their most essential refrigeration equipment.
  • Close your cooler doors when not in use.  Make sure your employees follow this advice.
  • This might sound simple, but always remember that they sell ice by the bag. This is an easy, quick and cheap solution if your ice machine is broken, obviously.  But you can also purchase ice or dry ice (as much as you can stuff into your units) to help reduce the temps in your freezers and coolers, at least helping the situation before we arrive.
  • Move perishable food to other equipment.  Focus on moving the most perishable first.
  • Buy a residential refrigerator as a back-up, keep it anywhere you have space.
  • Change your AC filters and keep your equipment coils cleaned, which will greatly reduce your utility consumption and electric bills.  This will also extend the life of your cooling equipment and reduce break-downs.  To make sure you get this job done on a regular schedule, we recommend our preventive maintenance contracts.
  • For air conditioning systems, as a back-up plan, you could purchase portable air conditioners for use in your business in a pinch.  In Central Florida, buying one or more might be a smart business move, particularly if your AC units are old and really need replacement.
Ice Machine Repair Orlando

We go the extra mile in Orlando!


$25 Off Service Call

$25 Off Your Next Service Call.  Redeem by Circling (Following) Marathon Air On Google +.  Then just call (407) 877-2006 to schedule your next appointment.  Make sure to mention that you circled us when you call!  

Another benefit of following us is that we publish meaningful blog entries on Google Plus, which may help you avoid costly mistakes with your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.