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John Ready For Another Day of Working on Commercial Air Conditioners and RefrigeratorsThe Owner of Marathon Air: Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Expert + All Around Good Guy

History: Extensive Experience With Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

John Schutz, a Florida licensed HVAC Contractor, is the owner of Marathon Air. Before he started working strictly on the service side of the industry, John was and still is a minority shareholder in a local Dairy Queen restaurant.  Therefore, for many years, he worked the crazy schedule of restaurant manager of the Dairy Queen on 436.  Also, going back to 1991, he and his family owned a store in Apopka for many years, called JPs Restaurant Supply.  From that store, he and his family sold refrigeration equipment and supplies to other businesses, both here in Orlando and nationwide.  John’s family eventually took over the restaurant supply business, although he remains a partial owner.  John basically wanted to get out of the office and into a service truck.  So John now focuses exclusively on the service side of the refrigeration business.  About 8 years ago, he added commercial air conditioning to his expertise.  Today, he sell, repairs and installs all types of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Also, as a fellow local business owner and manager himself for many years, he understands the importance of reliable and cost-effective HVAC and refrigeration repair solutions for other businesses.

During his career, John has sold and installed complete restaurant and other business refrigeration packages, starting with the engineered drawings based on his layout designs, to the installation of hoods, coolers, freezers and other coolings systems, to the first day of business for many well-known restaurants and other businesses across the state of Florida.  During that sometimes complex work, John became familiar with all makes and models of most refrigeration systems, including ice machines, coolers and freezers (including walk-in, display, reach-in, and other specific purpose coolers and freezers).  This makes John uniquely qualified to trouble-shoot everything from simple to extremely complicated repair issues and recommend the most cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Personality: A Good Guy You Can Trust

John is the type of person who genuinely wants to serve each of his customers to the best of his ability.  He is a perfectionist about equipment running smoothly and keeping his customers happy.  He obsesses about details, which leads to quality workmanship.  So he bends over backwards to make things right and provides quality workmanship and service on each and every job.  He is also truly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  His customers like him, a lot. John is unquestionably the reason our phone most often rings with regular customers calling, hoping that John is available, and soon.

History of Helping Restaurant Managers and Owners

Marathon Air has many long-time local customers.  Some of them go back as far as two decades, including customers who valued and trusted John when he sold restaurant and cooling equipment from a local store (JPs Restaurant Supply, now operating as International Restaurant Distributors in Apopka). To say we know restaurant and other cooling equipment is a great understatement.  The good news is that if you call us, most likely, John will perform any complicated repairs himself.  Even for the simple stuff, he often does the work, or personally and closely supervises anyone helping him.  John is uniquely qualified as a service technician, particularly on the commercial side of our business.  The only bad news is that John is an extremely busy guy.  That means sometimes there is a wait for non-urgent repairs, but he hustles about as well as anyone, too.

Many Other Local Businesses Trust John Completely

At the moment, about 90% of our customers are businesses.  This has been true since we first opened our doors.  Other business owners seem to greatly appreciate that John understands the demands of businesses and especially restaurants, as a small business owner catering to restaurants (and owning and managing a restaurant himself) for over 20 years.

John graduated quite a few years back from the University of Minnesota with a business degree. He started working in a family business, first serving restaurant owners, but then expanding to providing service to all types of area businesses.  John has not changed much since then, except that his technical skills have evolved into true mastery.

Technical Skill: Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair That Works

John has spent a lot of time working around all types of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. So he understands the mechanical inner workings about as well as anyone could. He usually knows the most cost-effective solutions. When it comes to refrigeration and cooling equipment, you want John to screw in your brackets, tighten bolts, check your pressures, weld your freon and refrigeration line joints, plan where air ducts should or should not be placed, and lots of other things.  John carefully considers the intricacies of your commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems and even how they work together, what maintenance they need, and what you can skip. If any of your cooling equipment is not working, we think John has to be just about the best guy in Orlando to take a look.

Licensed & Insured HVAC Contractor

John is a licensed HVAC contractor and works throughout Central Florida. Marathon Air performs all types of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning services.

Fair Pricing

The good news for his customers is that John is extremely humble.  He doesn’t think in terms of crazy prices, just delivering excellent service for a fair price.  So, his usual style is to undervalue his work and over-deliver his service.  That does not mean that we are cheap. But we are very fair.  The owner is reliable, honest, and hard-working.  Even better, John is an expert technician, uniquely skilled at repairing complex equipment, like commercial air conditioners, walk-in and display coolers and freezers, and ice machines. So he will not suggest that you need new equipment unless you really do.

In short, if your ice commercial air conditioner, refrigerator, or ice machine needs repair, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by calling Marathon Air today!

$25 Off Service Call

$25 Off Your Next Service Call.  Redeem by Circling (Following) Marathon Air On Google +.  Then just call (407) 877-2006 to schedule your next appointment.  Make sure to mention that you circled us when you call!  

Another benefit of following us is that we publish meaningful blog entries on Google Plus, which may help you avoid costly mistakes with your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.